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The Smokin' Menehunes

The Smokin' Menehunes are a Hapa Haole Hawaiian band formed in 2003 by Spike "Lucky Designs" Marble, Kevin “Tiki Bong” Bullat and Shirley “Island Bazaar” orlando. Originally, the band focused on Steel Guitar instrumentals, and had their earliest gig at Bamboo Ben's annual parking lot party in Huntington Beach. A few months after the band formed, Bassist Lucas Vigor joined the band.

Early gigs included Buster's Beach House in Los Alamitos Harbor, the Tiki Oasis event in 2004 at the Caliente Tropics Motel in Palm Springs and various private parties. in 2007, Spike Marble and Shirley Orlando left the band and native Hawaiian Pat “Palika” Enos joined the band to form a trio, now focusing on Hawaiian Hapa Haole standards with vocals. Since that time, the band has done over 100 gigs, mostly private parties and corporate events, but had residencies at the now defunct Catalina Fish Kitchen (often joined by the late Ukulele master, Bill Tapia) as well as ongoing gigs at Buster's Beach House. In addition, the Smokin Menehunes have played multiple times at large events such as Tiki Caliente, Mojave Oasis and retain an ongoing monthly gig at the International Tiki Marketplace. Since its inception, the Smokin Menehunes have played at every Tiki bar in the southwest, such as the Bahooka, Sam's Seafood (Don the Beachcomber), The Bali Hai, The Kon Tiki in Tuscon, and many others.

Current personnel are: Pat “Palika” Enos on lead vocals and Ukulele. Pat is a native of Kaneohe, Hawaii, and was a former Hawaiian Beach Boy during the 60's. Pat is a master of Jazz style Ukulele, and his vocals are very much that of a crooner from the golden age. Kevin “Tiki Bong” Bullat is a serious student of the Hawaiian Steel guitar, and utilizes the C6 tuning. Kevin was the founder of the band, and is currently its manager as well. Kevin also was an original member of The Hula Girls, a rockbilly/surf/hawaiian band currently led by former Menehune, Spike Marble. Lucas Vigor is an upright bassist with a background in Jazz, Rockabilly and Classical music and serves as the band's consigliere. Lucas is also a bass player with the Orange County Symphony, and was an original member of The Hula Girls band and contributed several songs to the their debut album, “Curse of the Tiki,” including the title track as well as the track, “Hidden Village.”